The Indian cuisine is always an experience. Spices and curry, tea and basmati rice from India provide the typical scent of the Indian restaurants and give the specialties a distinctive touch.

With a variety of spices here every dish becomes something special. In addition to typical Indian dishes, Indian drinks such as Lassi are also on the menu. Various spices, Pakora Tandoori and Samosa can be found on our menu. Our Indian cuisine is the culmination of all cooking cultures that have developed on the Indian continent. If you are not yet familiar with our food, we will of course help you choose between Jalfarezi, Punjabi or Nawab for your plate.

We welcome you and ask the ones offered in the card Food in all quiet select. The kitchen offers you Selected specialties of Indian cookery By our Indian kitchen chef. After your order the food will be freshly prepared. They are seasoned spicily. If you want it particularly sharp, Then please let us know.

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