The heart of our kitchen is a Tandoori oven, where we prepare food in a traditional Indian way. This is a clay oven, which is kept at a constant temperature of 200 degrees.

In the Tandoori oven, also called Tandoor, the typical Indian Naan bread is pressed to the side wall, short baked and then served fresh. Meat, which was previously put into a yogurt marinade for 24 hours according to our special home recipe, is hung on a skewer in the oven and cooked.

The meat is not only very tender in the Tandoor, but is also low in fat and easily digestible as it is prepared without additional oil or fat.

Instead of meat, fish, shrimp, scampi or vegetarian dishes are prepared in a traditional way. Marinated in marinade, onions, mushrooms or Indian cream cheese are also cooked.

The owner of the restaurant, Charanjit Kumar, is a specialist in the Tandoori oven, which has already proved his craft in the show kitchen of the Radisson Blue Hotel.

Although a tandoor is not to be missed in any Indian cuisine, many Indian restaurants still do without this traditional preparation.

Try our delicious Tandoori specialties and enjoy the unique taste of the original Indian cuisine.

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